2nd Edition The Magic of Crazy Quilting

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The Magic of Crazy Quilting
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Krause Publications
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Krause Publications, 2 edition (December 23, 2003) - 160 Seiten von J. Marsha Michler.

The illustrious craft of crazy quilting yields magical works of art. In this second edition of The Magic of Crazy Quilting, Marsha Michler goes beyond providing guidance on how to create a crazy quilt from start to finish and presents six new, smaller projects such as a purses, pillows and needlebook covers! Inside you'll find an outstanding collection of more than 15 embellishment techniques, four piecing methods, and 1,000 embroidery stitch variations.

Marsha Michler creates wonderfully pleasing works of art with fabrics, threads, and ribbons. Twenty magnificent antique crazy quilts will enthrall quilt lovers, embroidery enthusiasts, and ribbon artists of all levels. Quilt types include: themes, country-style wool, silk, miniature, kids, memory, art, and fund-raiser quilts. Embellishment techniques include: ribbon-work, silk ribbon embroidery, wool embroidery, applique, monogramming, dyeing, and fabric painting.

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